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The Heica® feeder makes the hay last longer keeping it clean at the same time. They allow the horse to eat in a natural position from the ground level - just like grazing!

 Heica® feeder is a very good enrichment for horses which encourages them to behave more in a natural way seeking editable grasses and such. When you give the horse a freedom to choose where to eat you give meaning in their lives.

Heica® feeders are designed to be used freely from the ground to offer natural grazing posture for the horse.  The feeder is a closed bag excluding the net on the top and it keeps the hay clean from the soil and beddings. Heica® feeders are not to be tied to anything (stall, floor, fences) to ensure safety when using the feeder.

Heica® feeders are available in two sizes. Fluffy Feeder is the bigger one and suites well for horses, it holds up to 3-4kg of hay. Mini Fluffy is about half of the bigger and it goes well for ponies and small horses. Heica® feeders can be used in the stall and also in the paddock.

How Heica® feeder works for my horse?

Horses are individuals and they all have their own strengthnesses and weaknesses. Heica® feeder is no miracle and you cannot replace ie. a friend horse with it but it still can have a meaning for the horse.

Try the impact of Heica® feeder on the daily basis - we have hundreds of satisfied customers who wants to use enrichments and give a healthier life for their horses.


In the design phase we made close collaboration with Oy Equine Innovations Ltd and we are happy to tell you that Mini Fluffy can be used together with Heinätin® Indoor model!

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