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5 Benefits of Heica Feeders for Your Horses

Slow feeders have been an essential tool for horse owners, for years now, looking to optimize their equine companions' health and well-being. And it has been essential tool for us also. That is the reason why Heica feeders exists.

Seven years ago we had horses in our own stable where we wanted to create the conditions and environment so that they support the holistic welfare of the horses. There were certain requirements we wanted from the feeder and we couldn't find one on the market. So we designed the ”Fluffy Feeder”. And here are the benefits we wanted to achieve:

1. Prolongs Time Spent Eating: Traditionally, horses are fed hay in a corner of their stall or paddock, where they eat while standing still and raising their head once in a while. Heica feeders change the game by tossing the feeder while eating and encouraging horses for a little movement. And this is a GOOD thing! This extended feeding time not only makes mealtime more engaging for the horse but also has positive impact for their overall health.

2. Allows Natural Eating Posture: Placed on the ground, Heica feeders encourage horses to assume a natural eating posture, similar to when they graze in the pasture. This position not only aids in better digestion but also promotes saliva production, which helps buffer stomach acids, leading to a healthier digestive system.

3. Stimulation for Mental Well-being: Now this is the thing! Horses require mental stimulation to stay happy and engaged. Heica feeders offer more than just slow feeding; they provide horses with opportunities to nibble, toss the feeder, and pull hay, which not only prevents boredom but also alleviates stress. Keeping your horse mentally active is essential for their overall well-being.

4. Activates Movement While Eating: When hay is given in a traditional manner, horses often stand still, raising their heads occasionally. However, Heica feeders promote movement. As horses move around to access their hay, they take steps similar to when grazing in the pasture. This not only benefits their muscles and joints but also adds a healthy dose of activity to their daily routine.

5. Aids in Weight Management: For horses struggling with weight issues, Heica feeders offer an effective solution. By slowing down the eating process and encouraging movement, these feeders can help overweight horses shed pounds gradually. Additionally, the increased activity during feeding can contribute to improved muscle and joint health.

Choosing the Right Net Hole Size: Heica feeders are available with two different net hole sizes, 4cm (small) and 6cm (normal). Starting with the normal hole size is recommended, as it is easier for the horse. Incase there is a need to primary slower the eating, the smaller net hole size is a good choice.

In conclusion, Heica feeders offer more than just a solution for slowing down your horse's feeding. They promote natural eating behavior, aid in weight management, stimulate mental well-being, encourage movement, and provide an engaging feeding experience. By investing in Heica feeders, you're not only ensuring your horse's health but also enriching their daily life with an added element of activity and enjoyment.

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