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Greedy horses

There are horses that eat their hay pile in minutes. It feels like they could eat all day long and nothing is enough for them. This turns an issue when the horse gets over weight.

Exercise alone is not always enough and the only option is to control the feeding. With Heica feeder you are able to extend the eating time even three times longer. For horses who tend to eat fast it has a significant impact on the digestion system.

Please note that the eating time can't be extended endlessly. The horse should be able to feel a full stomach and not to frustrate for too difficult slow feeder. Eating from the net should be pleasant for the horse.

Alma enjoying her Fluffy Feeder

5 Benefits of Heica Feeders for Your Horses

Slow feeders have been an essential tool for horse owners, for years now, looking to optimize their equine companions' health and well-being. And it has been essential tool for us also. That is the reason why Heica feeders exists.

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