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Safety is our top priority in the design of Heica® feeders. We have compiled a list of considerations for using Heica feeders safely. Please refer to our instructions for secure usage.

Fill the Heica® feeder to the fullest and make sure the hay comes out from the net.

This way it is not too difficult for the horse in the beginning and the horse gets familiar with it.

Close the buttons and make sure the hay doesn't come out from the filling hole.

Pick some hay out of the net so that it is easier for the horse to start eating.

Give hay also freely together with the feeder so your horse can choose the way he/she wants to eat.

Store empty feeder in a dry space.


Heica® feeder products are intended for horses for stimulation and as support for roughage feeding. The product must not be used with other animals. The horse cannot be left unattended when using the Heica® feeder product. The horses may act unpredictably and cause various dangerous situations and damage to themselves, other horses or animals, property as well as people. Heica® feeder products may break in its use due to the behaviours or activities of the horses without there is a fault or error in the product itself. Heica® feeder products may not necessarily suitable for use on all horses. Heica is not responsible for breakage or damage to Heica® feeder products caused by the whatever behaviour of horses. Heica is also not responsible for possible accidents or indirect or direct material or personal damages or other damages caused by careless or incorrect use of the Heica® feeder product.

The damaged product may not be used.

Alma enjoying her Fluffy Feeder

5 Benefits of Heica Feeders for Your Horses

Slow feeders have been an essential tool for horse owners, for years now, looking to optimize their equine companions' health and well-being. And it has been essential tool for us also. That is the reason why Heica feeders exists.

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