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For Enrichment

How is the time budget build for the horse? How it spends it's time?

Some horses live in a stall most of their lives and gets out only for exercising. Some horses live in a stall at night and they get out in a paddock for the daytime. This or that most likely there are a lot of standing and nothing much to do for the horse. The horse might get bored and it might find less constructive manners to relieve the stress and boredom ie. stereotypical behavior. Heica feeders are designed to provide a little movement for stimulation while eating.

Give your horses enrichment so they can solve puzzles and feel joy in their domesticated lives. These can include branches or different type of feeders such as Heica feeder. Enrichment has a significant impact on the well-being of the horse and the difference can be seen in the holistic view.

You are able to identify the value the feeder has for the horse from the horse. Give some of the hay freely and a full Fluffy Feeder beside and see which one the horse chooses. If the horse starts eating from the feeder you know it has a good impact on your horse. By giving options to choose from we offer possibilities to make decisions for the horse of their own life.

Heica feeder can be used indoors or outdoors. Heica feeder keeps the hay clean and the hay loss is smaller. Please note when using the feeder in the paddock that it can fall outside under the fence especially in smaller paddocks. It is good to give some of they hay freely. The Heica feeders are not to be tied to anything (fences, stall, floor etc) due to safety issues.

Alma enjoying her Fluffy Feeder

5 Benefits of Heica Feeders for Your Horses

Slow feeders have been an essential tool for horse owners, for years now, looking to optimize their equine companions' health and well-being. And it has been essential tool for us also. That is the reason why Heica feeders exists.

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