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Choosy horses

Some horses don't need a slow feeder to slow the eating. Instead they'd require a feeder that would encourage them to eat. It can be that the horse is quite choosy of the hay and wish that the hay is fresh and clean. If the hay is given in big portions, most of the hay gets mixed with the bedding and the horse is not interested eating them.

Heica feeder is a perfect tool to keep the hay clean. It also encourages the horse to eat by providing natural eating behavior. Give some of the hay freely and a Heica feeder beside and follow on which one the horse chooses. Most of the horses start with the feeder as they have the need to play and nibble with their nose.

Alma enjoying her Fluffy Feeder

5 Benefits of Heica Feeders for Your Horses

Slow feeders have been an essential tool for horse owners, for years now, looking to optimize their equine companions' health and well-being. And it has been essential tool for us also. That is the reason why Heica feeders exists.

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