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Fluffy Feeder

FLUFFY FEEDER, normal net hole size

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Product description

Slow feeder for horses. Can be used in stall or outdoor in the paddock. You can fill about 3 kg of hay in it. The hay pillow is designed to enrich horses environment and to support the forage feeding. Heica® feeders are manufactured in Finland and are made of eco-friendly materials.

The net size is about 5,5-6,5 cm.

Product details

The hay pillow helps to slow the eating, extend the eating time and simulate grazing. Fill the hay pillow with hay, close it with three big buttons and give it to the horse to enjoy. Many horses tend to start eating first from the feeder rather than the free hay next to them. Fluffy Feeder is easy to clean. Just rinse with water and let it dry. Can be washed also in the washing machine in 40 degrees.

The normal net size is easy for the horse to eat. If the hay is very short or the straw is thick then we recommend this net size. Also if the horse breed is bigger then we recommend to use the normal net size so that the eating is not too difficult for the horse. If you just want to enrich the horses environment and there is no need to slower the eating then the normal net size is better.

Why to choose Fluffy Feeder?

  • natural grazing position
  • safe to use
  • durable
  • fabrics are water and dirt repellent
  • less wasted hay
  • easy to use and fast to fill
  • quiet in use
  • eco friendly materials
  • manufactured responsibly

The materials used in Fluffy Feeders are water and dirt repellent. They keep the hay clean from bedding and soil. The net is made of seat belts of car industry and therefore it is totally unique and durable. The net size cannot be compared to other slow feeder on the market. It is typically more difficult for the horse to use. 5,5-6,5 cm net size can be used with dry hay or silage and when the hay is short or has thick straws.

The color of the net can vary.

The product can be damaged by the equine and it should be checked before each use.

We recommend to give hay also freely together with the Fluffy Feeder so that the horse can choose from where to eat.















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