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Product description

The frisbee is a soft flat toy which is made of fabric and it is manufactured in Finland. It can be used outside on the yard or inside a training hall since there are no hard objects inside of the frisbee. You don't have to worry about broken windows.

If your dog likes to fetch toys then this is for you. It can be used also around water because it floats. The frisbee flies quite well though the flight curve is unique. You can throw it on a nice sunny summer day on the beach or on the field covered with snow. Because of the soft materials it is safe to use even with kinds around.

Product details

Materials we use are eco-friendly. We use side flow of the clothing industry and used cars (fabric of the airbag). The upper part is water repellent and the lower part is water permeable which allows the toy to dry. Inside of the frisbee is a felt. The toy is very thin, light and durable.

Diameter: 23,5 cm

Weight: 45 g

You can easily wrap the frisbee inside your pocket and carry it with you.

Toys for dogs require fabrics with high quality so that they are safe and durable.





























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