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Mini Fluffy, Fuchsia

MINI FLUFFY, small net hole size, fuchsia

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Product description

Enrichment and slow feeder for horses. Can be used in stall or outdoor in the paddock. Can be filled about 1 kg of hay in it. The hay pillow is specially designed to enrich horses environment and to support the forage feeding. Heica feeders are manufactured in Finland and are made of eco-friendly materials.

The net hole size is about 4 cm.

Product details

The Mini Fluffy is ideal for ponies. It is easy and fast to fill since the filling cut out is the same as it is in the bigger Fluffy Feeder. You can fill approximately 1kg in the Mini Fluffy. It can be used with dry hay or silage or ie. green grass.

Why to choose Mini Fluffy?

  • natural grazing position
  • safe to use
  • durable
  • fabrics are water and dirt repellent
  • less wasted hay
  • easy to use and fast to fill
  • quiet in use
  • eco friendly materials
  • manufactured responsibly

The materials used in Mini Fluffy are designed to repel water and dirt, effectively keeping the hay clean from bedding and soil. The net is made of seat belts from car industry, making it exceptionally unique and durable. The net hole size cannot be compared to other slow feeders on the market. It is typically more difficult for the horse to use. A net hole size of 4 cm is suitable for dry hay or silage. If the hay is very short or straws are thick, we recommend to use the Fluffy Feeder with bigger net hole size.

The color of the net can vary.

Diameter of the feeder is 50cm.

The product can be damaged by the equine and it should be checked before each use.

We recommend providing hay freely alongside the Mini Fluffy, allowing the horse the flexibility to choose where to eat.

Mini Fluffy can be used together with the Heinätin® indoor model.





























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