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Haynet SAGGY

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The Saggy haynet is a specialized slow feeder designed for horses and ponies to regulate their hay consumption and keep the hay clean. Suitable for both stable and outdoor use, Saggy can hold up to 8 kg of hay (amount varies depending on the used hay).

Filling Saggy is effortless through its large rear opening, securely closed with four buckles. Its user-friendly quick-lock system ensures convenient usage, even in harsh winter conditions.

The net component of Saggy is strategically positioned at the bottom, ensuring complete consumption of hay.

CAUTION! Please be aware of safety concerns, particularly for shod horses, as they have a higher risk of getting caught compared to barefoot horses. Horses' shoes may become entangled in the haynet, potentially restricting their movement.

Product details

Net hole size: 6 cm x 5 cm

Dimensions (empty): height 83 cm, width 74 cm

Length of the strap: 1 m

Colour of the fabric: Pink

The mesh of Saggy is made from car seatbelt material. Due to its uniqueness, the size of the mesh cannot be compared to other haynets on the market. Our designed mesh is inherently more challenging for the horse, resulting in slower consumption compared to haynets of the same mesh size available on the market.

Extensive product development has been invested in Saggy, evident in the meticulous material selection and user-friendly features. Our emphasis lies on delivering a haynet that prioritizes ease of use and long-lasting durability. Designed and manufactured in Finland, Saggy is engineered to withstand years of use.

The materials used in the Saggy haynet were originally designed for the automotive industry. The mesh and hanging strap are made from car seatbelt material, which withstands wear and tear while being gentle on the horse's teeth. The colors of the grid and hanging strap may vary depending on the available materials.

The familiar locking mechanism from vehicles simplifies and speeds up usage while providing much-needed safety. With a single strap attachment, Saggy aims to mitigate potential hazards.

We are dedicated to reducing environmental impact by offering a sustainable alternative to traditional hay nets.















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